Saturday, September 10, 2011

Geekcon 2011 Beer Keyboard

At the recent Israeli geek conference, GeekCon 2011, I've teamed up with Lior Ferdman, and together we built a "Beer Keyboard"; an instrument to play some tunes on beer bottles using PC keyboard.

The ingredients:

Instructions: drink a lot of beer and try to combine it all together.

The result: A PC keyboard sends keystrokes to Arduino micro-controller to control 12 servo engines; each one is duct-taped with a chopstick and a small round plastic. Once the beer bottles are filled with varying levels of water, a tune can be played.
As for beer tuning, I was going to use the computer built-in microphone for assistance, but with the amount of noise there, I just made sure they were different tones by ear.

Here's a video of the making

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צביאל said...

Yey! congrats
no "in action" shots?