Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free tools I use - PeerGuardian

PeerGuardian 2
Always use protection. When surfing the Internet, that's doubly true. That's why I use PeerGuardian - an open source IP blocking tool that sits quietly in the system tray and works its magic.

This tool prevents incoming and outgoing connections to and from IP addresses on its black list, rendering your computer invisible, thus protecting your computer from the "bad guys". Who are the "bad guys"? That's for you to decide; by picking the appropriate categories in the list manager ( Government, Anti-piracy, Spyware, Advertisements - you name it.
Once you set it up with your chosen lists, these lists can get automatically updated, so you might as well forget about it.

Don't leave home without it!


JamieMurdock said...

Hi Tomer!

I have been trying peerguardian2, just detected that it filled up my hard drive with a 48GB file called history.db from C:\Program Files\PeerGuardian2 folder.

Their forums mention this issue, but I did not dig much as to a solution.

Tomer Daniel said...

Hi Jamie!
I suggest you turn off "Log Allowed connections" in Settings tab.